Cardio HIIT uses High Intensity Interval Training techniques to guarantee you a powerful, full-body workout. HIIT training is all about alternating between periods of almost all-out effort (moving fast for 30-90 seconds) and periods of gentler activity to allow your body to recover. You can expect bursts of activities like high-knees, glider pads, boxing moves, and fast feet drills to make regular appearances; but rest assured, no two classes will ever be the same. You decide what your maximum effort levels are, making this class suitable for anyone who is ready to push themselves. Perfect if you enjoy having an enthusiastic trainer to get you motivated, our sessions are all led by experienced and highly qualified instructors. We guarantee to get your heart rates and endorphins pumping with this fantastic, lively, and hugely enjoyable class.

Monday (9.15am-10.15am) St. Anne's Hall (map)

Our running club meets every Tuesday 9.00-10.00am during term time, departing from Wendover Library Carpark. Led by Run England affiliated instructors, this session is designed for people that can already run around 10km who want help to build up their strength, speed,stamina and skill.

We also offer regular beginner running courses, focusing on building up slowly from interspersed sections of walking and jogging, working up to helping clients run 5km.
It’s limited to small groups, assuring you of our individual attention, support and encouragement.

Call us for details of the next courses available.

We run regular outdoor circuit sessions to suit you.

Outdoor Circuits

Outdoor Circuits is an all year and all weather exercise class combining core, resistance, and cardiovascular exercises in a circuit training style.
It’s the ultimate outdoor workout for all abilities, set in our beautiful local parks. We guarantee a fun, challenging, and varied work out each time.
You don’t need to be a runner to join Circuits, however if you are or want to, we also focus on strengthening the areas that will improve your running experience and technique.

Saturday (9.00am-10.00am) Wendover Hampden Meadow (
Wednesday (7.30pm-8.30pm) Wendover Squash and Tennis Club

Thursday (9.15am-10.15am) Wendover Hampden Meadow (map)


We offer a range of different classes to suit your preferences, including indoor and outdoor Circuits, Running courses for beginners or intermediates, Cardio HIIT, Fitness Pilates and Nordic Walking. All classes are conveniently located, competitively priced and fun. 

Nordic Walking is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in the UK. Using specially designed walking poles it enhances your regular walking by propelling you along faster and working the upper body muscles as well as the legs. In doing so it gives you a full body workout using 90% of your major muscles. Everyone can feel the benefits regardless of fitness level, ability, speed or age. It improves posture and helps weight loss, burning 40% more calories than normal walking.

Nordic Fitness
A high-energy cardiovascular workout designed for those of you that are already Nordic Walkers and want a bit more than just a walk. Our regular sessions combine Nordic Walking with power drills and resistance exercises to help improve your strength, agility, flexibility and endurance Expect to skip, jump, and run your way fit with this hugely enjoyable class. ​

Monday (9.15-10.15am) Wendover Woods - meet in the Forestry Commission car park (map)

Regular and Introductory Nordic Walking Sessions

For beginner sessions and regular weekly Nordic Walks, please contact Sandy Laping on or on 07739 870774.

Pilates is a great addition to any exercise regime - strengthening your core, improving your balance and posture, increasing your suppleness and reducing the risk of injury, all in one class.
Suitable for all ages and abilities, the classes are structured so that you can choose what level you work at, ensuring that you are always pushed without ever feeling out of your depth.

Monday (10.25am-11.20am)  St. Anne's Hall (


For further details and bookings, 
please contact Mel Ames on
07747 001178 or

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